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Software includes a one year subscription
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Chris G. - Fastatlast Customer

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Frank G. - Fastatlast Customer

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Melanie T. - Fastatlast Customer

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With its simple download process
and powerful application, PC SpeedScan
can show you all the registry errors and invalid files that could be slowing you down!  Click here to learn more >>

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Find & remove up to 100s of registry errors & invalid files

Helps to reduces and even eliminate freezing and crashing

Return your PC to its original high performance

Extremely safe and easy to use!

One-click system optimization

Software includes a 1 year subscription
service and free assistance & updates.

The Problem: A Sluggish PC

Hundreds of Registry Errors and Invalid Files can be lurking behind-the-scenes on their PC.
These registry errors often go unnoticed because they do not appear on the screen.

The Solution: PC SpeedScan Pro!

PC SpeedScan performs a comprehensive search of your computer to locate and remove errors
and invalid files. PC SpeedScan can help improve your computer's overall performance by getting
rid of these unwanted files.

Speed, Security, & Support

Why should you call for your comprehensive PC Diagnosis?

Our trained technicians will provide you with a FREE diagnosis to make sure your computer is fast and secure. Many things can be affecting your PC Performance and security including hidden viruses, computer errors and much more! Just pick up the phone today and we can give you the support you need.

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